Adam Audio Sub12 12-inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

Brand: Adam Audio

Model Number: SUB12-MK2

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The Adam Audio Sub12 is a powerful 12-inch subwoofer ideal for use in larger control rooms. It provides a frequency response of 22-150Hz and offers rear-panel gain control and filter adjustment. The Sub12 reflex tubes fire downwards, avoiding noise due to the size and construction ventilation of the unit. Powered by an internal 300W RMS amplifier, the Sub12 offers both XLR and RCA I/O connectors for compatibility with almost any system.

The Adam Audio Sub12 is a powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any near or midfield monitoring system down to 22 Hz. 

A sturdy special woofer with extended cone travel and a heavy-duty coil have been optimized for accurate reproduction from a bass reflex enclosure. The down-firing bass reflex tube avoids intrusive ventilation noise because of its generous size and shape. The PWM amplifier produces over 90% efficiency and can handle critical passages without overheating for long periods of time. An additional output allows you to cascade as many subwoofers as needed.

The Sub12 subwoofer provides a precise combination of low cutoff frequency (-3dB at 22Hz) and an undistorted high sound pressure level (115dB SPL at 1m).


  • Bass reproduction down to 22 Hz
  • Maximum Peak sound pressure in 1 m </- 115 dB
  • High efficiency PWM amplifier
  • Special 12" woofer with paper diaphragm
  • Easy manual or automatic (de-)activation
  • Additional sub output
  • According to downward working bass reflex tube with generous dimensions and corresponding rounding
  • Crossover frequency is selectable between 50 - 150 Hz
  • Connectable high-pass filter for the satellite outputs, which blocks signals below 85 Hz
  • 2 years warranty with optional extension to 3 years with the registration of the product


Monitor Type

Active Subwoofer


Bass-Reflex, Unshielded

Power Rating

300 W RMS


Full-Range Driver: 1 x 12" / 30.48 cm Paper Cone

Frequency Range

22 Hz to 150 Hz

Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL)                 

118 dB

Phase Adjustment

Phase Inversion 0 / 180°

Crossover Frequency

150 Hz

Audio I/O

2 x XLR Balanced Female Analog Input (10 Kilohms)
3 x XLR Balanced Male Analog Output
1 x 2RCA Unbalanced Analog Input
1 x 2RCA Unbalanced Analog Output

Dimensions (W x H x D)

36.0 x 60.0 x 45.0 cm


26.0 kg

Package Weight

28.53 kg

Package Dimensions (L x W x H)

70.87 x 59.69 x 46.99 cm

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