Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

Brand: Focusrite

Model Number: Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen

Product Code: QD1285

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The third-generation Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 8x6 USB audio/MIDI interface lets artists and content creators score pro-level tone with no learning curve.

The third-generation Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 8x6 USB audio/MIDI interface lets artists and content creators score pro-level tone with no learning curve.

Equally capable for tracking vocals and instruments, the two improved Scarlett microphone preamps feature switchable phantom power for condenser mics, pads to prevent distortion on loud input signals, and a selectable-per-channel Air circuit, which adds clarity-enhancing brightness based on Focusrite's legendary ISA preamplifier.

The two XLR-1/4" combo inputs are outfitted with switches that allow them to accept signal directly from electric instruments such as guitar and bass, from line-level sources such as stereo mixer outputs, or from a hot feed from a drum machine. The rear panel sports four additional fixed-level 1/4" inputs to accommodate more line-level sources such as the outputs of external mic preamps.

Unlocking the ability to record at standard CD quality or high-fidelity resolutions, the 24-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converters ensure that signals are captured and reproduced with detail and accuracy. With four balanced 1/4" line outputs, dual 1/4" stereo headphone jacks, and independent volume control of the two headphone outputs and the main speaker outs, the Scarlett 8i6 can simultaneously feed multiple monitoring systems or outboard effects processors.


  • With its desk-friendly size, USB Type-C connectivity, and AC powering (via the included AC adapter), the Scarlett 8i6 is well suited for home and project studios that need some extra I/O without sacrificing a bunch of table space.
  • Thanks to its high-performance 24-bit / 192 kHz AD/DA converters, the Scarlett 8i6 is equipped to capture any source from vocals to acoustic and electric instruments clearly and accurately, so you never have to worry about the interface clouding your sound.
  • The two upgraded third-generation Scarlett mic preamps feature switchable 48V phantom power to accommodate your favorite condenser mic, and a selectable-per-channel Air setting, which reproduces the Air effect of Focusrite's original ISA mic preamp to impart enhanced brightness and openness on your vocal recordings. Use the selectable input pads to prevent distortion when tracking high-level sources such as acoustic drums or electric guitars equipped with active pickups.
  • The XLR-1/4" combo inputs on the Scarlett 8i6's front panel allow distortion-free recording of instruments such as electric guitar and bass, synthesizers, or drum machines, and there's no need for a DI box or amplifiers. At the press of a button, each 1/4" input can be used for line-level sources like a mixer's stereo output or the line outs from guitar and bass amps.
  • With four balanced 1/4" line inputs on the back of the Scarlett 8i6, you can patch in line-level sources such as external mic preamps, an outboard mixer, or synthesizer sound modules while leaving the front-panel inputs free for direct connection of mics, instruments, or other line-level sources.
  • The Scarlett 8i6's independent gain knobs and multicolor gain halo meters mean that you'll have no trouble getting set up and dialing in the perfect levels. Plus, there are no menus or complicated controls to slow you down.
  • The four balanced 1/4" TRS monitor outputs on the rear panel enable hum-free connectivity with two pairs of balanced studio monitors or line-level inputs on headphone amps or external mixers. To allow critical listening through headphones for two people, there are two front-panel 1/4" headphone jacks. Separate knobs are provided for quick and independent adjustment of the monitor and headphone volumes.
  • The Scarlett 8i6 features one pair of virtual loopback inputs, allowing you to capture a stereo feed of any combination of hardware input and software playback channels, making podcasting, live streaming, and sampling tasks much easier.
  • Spin the Scarlett 8i6 around, and you'll find traditional 5-pin MIDI I/O ports, perfect for hooking up a MIDI keyboard controller, a synthesizer/workstation, or a sound module, for MIDI recording, editing, and sequencing.
  • In addition to having flexible analog I/O, the Scarlett 8i6 offers S/PDIF stereo digital input and output ports via coaxial jacks. Use the S/PDIF input to record the output of digital DJ mixer or an external mic preamp outfitted with an A/D converter and S/PDIF output. Run the Scarlett's S/PDIF output to a high-end D/A converter for extra processing or mastering with analog gear.
  • Route your audio, cue mix, loopback, and monitor mixes from your Mac or Windows computer via the Focusrite Control desktop software. Tap into even more convenience by using the Focusrite Control iOS app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to remotely control your Scarlett when connected to Focusrite Control Desktop.
  • The Scarlett 8i6 comes with a powerful bundle of music-making software from industry-leading brands. From recording to final mix down, this bundle features tools that will help you get the sound you imagined.


Form Factor
Channels of I/O
6 Input / 4 Output at 192 kHz
2 Input / 2 Output at 192 kHz
Max Sample Rate/Resolution
192 kHz / 24-Bit
Number of Mic Preamps
Input Level Adjustment
2 x Knob

-10 dB (Switchable per Channel)
Analog Audio I/O
2 x Combo XLR-1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Mic/Line/Hi-Z Input (Front Panel)
4 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Line Input
4 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Line Output
2 x 1/4" TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output (Front Panel)

4 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Line Input
4 x 1/4" TRS Balanced Line Output
2 x 1/4" TRS Unbalanced Headphone Output (Front Panel)
Phantom Power
+48 V, Selectable On/Off (on 2 Channels)
Digital Audio I/O
1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Input
1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Output

1 x RCA Coaxial S/PDIF Output
Host Connection / USB
1 x USB Type-C (USB 2.0)

1 x DIN 5-Pin Input
1 x DIN 5-Pin Output

1 x DIN 5-Pin Output
Frequency Response
20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.1 dB
Gain/Trim Range
Mic/Line Inputs:
Up to +56 dB
Max Input Level
Mic Inputs:
+9 dBu (Min Gain)
+16 dBu (Min Gain, with Pad)
Hi-Z Inputs:
+12.5 dBu (Min Gain)
+14 dBu (Min Gain, with Pad)
Line Inputs:
+22 dBu (Min Gain)
+29 dBu (Min Gain, with Pad)
Max Output Level
Line Outputs:
+15.5 dBu (Balanced)
Headphone Outputs:
+7 dBu
Mic Inputs:
3 Kilohms
Hi-Z Inputs:
1.5 Megohms
Line Inputs:
60 Kilohms
Line Outputs:
430 Ohms
Headphone Outputs:
< 1 Ohm
Dynamic Range
Mic Inputs:
111 dBA
Hi-Z Inputs:
110.5 dBA
Line Inputs:
110.5 dBA
Line Outputs:
108.5 dBA
Headphone Outputs:
104 dBA
Mic Inputs:
< 0.0012%
Hi-Z Inputs:
< 0.03%
Line Inputs:
< 0.002%
Line Outputs:
< 0.002%
Headphone Outputs:
< 0.002%
Mic Inputs:
-128 dB A-Weighted
Sample Rates
Up to 192 kHz (AD/DA Conversion)
Bit Depths
Up to 24-Bit (AD/DA Conversion)
Sync Sources
Internal, S/PDIF
OS Compatibility
macOS 10.12 or Later
Windows 7 or Later
Included Software
Ableton Live Lite
Pro Tools First
Compatible Software (Not Included)                 
Any Core Audio (Mac) Compliant Software
Required Hardware
Available USB 2.0 Port
USB Cable (Included)
Internet Connection
Required for Software/Driver Download
Power Requirements
AC/DC Power Adapter (Included)
AC/DC Power Adapter
12 VDC at 1 A, Center-Positive (Included)
Anti-Theft Features
Kensington Security Slot
21.01 x 14.96 x 4.75 cm
900 g

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